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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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kron-4's scott rates has yee. only 30 hours after his indictment on federal corruption and gun trafficking charges, yee is dealing with the fall-out. not only did he renounce his candidacy for secretary of state today. tomorrow he'll find out whether he will be suspended as a state senator. kron-4's jeff bush is live
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outside leland yee's house tonight. jeff?
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leave, don't burdon your colleagues of this great feinstein called for yee to resign and mark leno called for yee to resign or else. mark leno state senator we will be voting on the floor tomorrow to suspend him. so, floor of the senate ever again. yee will never hold public office again either. the disgraced senator had ambitions of becoming california's next secretary of state but the scandal has been too much and yee withdrew his candicy for that office on thursday. his lawyer read the letter to the current secretary of state to reporters. dear debra, i hearby withdraw my
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candicy for secretary of state effective immediately. with best regards, signed leland yee, state senator. continuing our team coverage. kron 4's justine waldman has been digging into the criminal complaint. she has more on the players in the biggest corruption case to hit the bay area. a former colleague of senator yee and keith jackson is talking about the scandal. mary hernandez is a former school board member who served on the board with jackson. and was closely affiliated with yee politically. she calls the charges - appalling. "absolute shocki started to read the news about keith and lealand and i was shocked. the keith i knew on the school board cared deeply about the city's most disadvantaged kids. i remember education equity, about bridging the achievement gap for african american and latino students, and, so, i remember him as a person who was trying to serve his community, so, with that in mind, i was very disappointed. and, lealand was someone who had the reputation that he was the go to person if you needed someone who was coragious who would stand up for the underdog. political advocates in san francisco's asian community are concerned that the case will discourage asian-americans from voting. they say the scandal could lead to distrust in the community against government involvement. and say it's already hard to get
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a big voter registration turn- out. lee also says he hopes this thinking about getting into politics. we'll continue to follow the developments online -- you can read the full criminal complaint against yee and the 2- dozen others involved.. also -- profiles of the key players. it's all on our website.kron4- dot-com. still to come. a new stadium at the port of oakland moves a step closer to becoming reality. also - a memorial continues to grow in fremont for a marine killed in a suspected drunk driving incident. and p-g and e backs off from its plan to remove lots of trees in the east bay.
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a plan to remove hundreds of trees in concord is stirring up a lot of debate. p-g-&e has proposed getting rid of trees on both public and private property. for what's called the "pipeline pathways project"---- it's designed to make it easier
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to reach the underground pipes in the area. but concord's mayor is one of the people fighting the idea. "and uh according to the proposal from pge we will loose 100-trees just in this park alone" butted to "pg&e needs to understand that our local ordainances are what will stand and hold" after hearing the mayor's concerns. p-g&e says it won't remove the trees unless there's some kind of solution everyone agrees on. and it's every traveler's the reason people kept discovering things had been stolen from their luggage at a california airport. stay tuned for inside edition with deborah norville. that's coming up after the
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one more. night and weekend appointments. you guys have really changed. who am i gonna badmouth at parties now? i guess my cousin. he's so pale. ♪ was drunk when he was involved in a crash that killed a motorcyclist in fremont. alexander yohn was arraigned today - on charges including murder and d-u-i. the 23-year-old emeryville man appeared to have some cuts and scrapes. he was behind bullet-proof glass in the courtroom. police say he had been driving over 80 miles an hour when he slammed into the motorcycle. it was at the intersection of fremont boulevard and decoto road early tuesday morning. people are mourning the death of the former marine who was killed in that accident.
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a memorial for andrew silva continues to grow. he had just come home last month from a tour of duty in afghanistan. he leaves behind his wife and young son. police have arrested a woman for a fourth time - for violating a restraining order at s-f-o. the 62-year-old woman was banned by a judge last month from going near the airport - unless she has a legal boarding pass. that's because marilyn hartman was caught trying to sneak onto planes headed to hawaii. just yesterday - she was found in a baggage claim area -- without a ticket. she was jailed in san mateo police say more arrests are expected in a baggage theft ring - discovered at l-a-x. in a raid last night--- dozens of people were arrested for luggage and cargo theft at an airport cargo facility. investigators say they hope to return some of the stolen items. which included things like gucci bags, cameras.and jewelry. many of the people arrested were contractors for airport service companies
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the idea of a new stadium for the a's at the port of oakland just got a boost. the port today agreed to enter into exclusive negotiations with a business group - to try to get the project off the ground. kron-4's philippe djegal has the story. there's still a long way to go. sot- meredith iserson / a's fan and, there are no garauntees. sot- jerry iserson / a's fan but with this vote by the port of oakland board of port commissioners. nats- vote the port has entered into an exclusie negotiating agreement with oakland waterfront ballpark, llc. sot- mike ghielmetti / oakland waterfront ballpark, llc. mike ghielmetti is part of the group of local business leaders who want to transform the howard terminal near jack london square from this to this. a waterfront ballpark that ghielmetti says down the road could keep the a's and possibly
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even the raiders in oakland. sot- mike ghielmetti / oakland waterfront ballpark, llc. board president, ces butner, says the agreement will expire next february. during that time, the llc has the exclusive right to sit down with community stakeholders. to come up with a plan to build the ballpark. sot- ces butner / president, board of port commssioners jorge leon says he's a diehard a's fan and hopes this agreement draws the attention of the a's front office. sot- jorge leon / a's fan as part of the agreement. the llc will give the port a 100-thousand dollar deposit. half of which will be refunded if nothing materializes by the end of the agreement. at the port of oakland, phlippe djegal, kron four news.
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in sports. giants closer sergio romo talks what he's learned since becoming more 'responsible. and the stanford men's surprising tournament run ends abruptly. gary has that story. and all the sports. next!!! and this sunday night. a kron four sports special. gary will be joined by manager bruce bochy as we break down the upcoming season. it's all this sunday night at 9 - after the kron 4 news at 8.
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stanford vs. dayton in memphis, tn jordan sibert - 3 pointer from the corner off the good ball movement 42-29 flyers siebert: 18 points johnny dawkins - barking ordersagitated 2nd halfstanford a little 7-0 run dwight powell - the spinning layup on the break for two as stanford cuts defecit to four 47-43 flyers richard sherman claps!
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the flyers pull away. scoochie smiththe crossoverlayup and foul 61-49 day scoochie: 5 points later in 2nd half. devon scott - the pump fakelayup battered stanford bench the flyers were just too athletic.they win fairly easily on to the elite 8 for first timefinal: 82-72 cardinal season ends 23-13 cabrera $300 million deal two-time american league mvp miguel cabrera has agreed to terms with the detroit tigers a pay $292 million. the new contract which covers the two years remaining on cabrera's current deal is expected to become official later this week and would surpass alex mjd to visit raiders free agent running back maurice
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jones-drew a de la salle high school product will visit the raiders on friday. jones-drew, 29, has rushed for 8,071 yards and 68 touchdowns over an eight-year career with the jacksonville jaguars. he is a 3-time probowler and led the nfl in rushing three seasons ago in 15 games last season, jones- drew averaged a career-low 3.4 yards per carry. johnny manziel pro day former president george w. bush and barbara bush at college station for johnny manziel's pro day manzielin his camoflauge shorts threw for 75 officials from 30 teams eight nfl general managers and eight head coaches were among the group he threw about 65 passes to six receivers several coaches were impressed that manziel called all the nfl officials onto the field at the end of his workout to personally thank them for coming.
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"that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning! female announcer: through sunday at sleep train's big gift event
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